Asiago Eric
Creative Lead

Intentional Designing, that is what every creative should garner to achieve. With an experience spanning for close to 9 years in the design eco-system, Asiago has been involved in almost all areas Design; Logo design, Branding, Book Layouts, UX/UI Design, Character Design, 2D Animation etc His primary focus at the moment is the User Experience and User Interface arena. Having a background in Fine Art from Kenyatta University, his attention to detail sets his work at a different level. He helps bring the usability element to all Threeways Projects.

James Mwai
Technical Lead

A software engineer, mentor and entrepreneur with over 8 years experience in design and implementation of mobile and web based software systems and is actively involved in the Kenyan tech community where he has participated in many technology events both as an a organiser and a speaker. James key technical skills are Python, Nodejs, Django and Cloud Architecture and during his career he has worked on many web apps, mobile apps and information systems. With a background in Computer Science from Kenyatta University, James is also Google Cloud Developer Expert.

Morris Warima
Software Engineer

Morris is a software engineer with over 7 years experience with a particular interest in the design and implementation of data-intensive applications. He has previously worked on data warehousing, data analysis, data visualization and geospatial applications. Morris holds a degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology from Kenyatta University, Kenya. He enjoys hiking and playing billiards in his free time.

Our Process

1 Engage

Our client engagement mantra is very simple, We have to feel,believe and connect with the client needs. This is for a simple reason; If you cannot be excited at the point of onboarding, what will make it possible to change at the middle or delivery part of the project! This is the most crucial part in our organisation.

2 Craft

We have to be on the same page thought-wise, direction-wise and delivery-wise. This will streamline the working pipeline from Customer/User Journeys - Wireframes - UX/UI Design - Development - Deployment. 90% of the projects that we have applied this approach have been really successful save for a few stray straws. Our craft is Milestone driven, Passion driven and User oriented to ensure we deliver on customer expectations and where possible give them extra.

3 Delight

Our pride always comes in when we experience our client’s users engage with the product for the first time. This is very priceless and it is what keeps us going, improving and being strict about our delivery processes. At times we get very informative feedback on what we oversaw on a project which comes in really handy when you are formatting a newer edition. Those facial expressions are our oxygen… priceless...