1 Understand

Speedy Ticket is mobile ticket booking system for public transport, events and holiday destinations. The Speedy Ticket team contacted Three Ways to help with design and implement a system that can manage the overall process of booking and issuing Tickets.

2 Research

Speedy Ticket approached us to help them rethink the way tickets are booked in emerging markets . Through our process , we conducted both a Design Sprint and Market Survey and arrived to the solution of building a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Three Ways proposed to build a modularised system to handle the creation and management of Trips to and from various destinations and that can be used by any bus company in Kenya. The system would also allow bus companies to schedule their trips on any route, managed issuance of tickets and payments and allow customers to book and pay for their trips from mobile or desktop devices.

3 Propose

Whereas it seem that the user interface was just a PWA , we needed to build something that could also be capable of handling real time update , seamless checkout process while serving more than 100,000 concurrent users at the same time. Scalability and Reliability is definitely something we could not overlook.

4 Develop

The team went on to power the PWA with a scalable microservices architecture that leveraged on Google Container Engine . Adopting a managed service of Kubernetes allowed us to finish the underlying infrastructure and the Progressive Web App in a record time of 7 weeks .

The development of both the PWA and Microservice was able to help :

  1. Reduce infrastructure and maintenance cost by half
  2. Release speedy ticket to the customers in a 2 months
  3. Increase reliability and availability
  4. Allow for more feature development in the future