1 Understand

Twiga is a mobile-based supply platform for Africa’s retail outlets, kiosks, and market stalls. Twiga team needed several branding, communication and technology design services. This led to us being contracted to help in coming up with these material. The main fascination behind us accepting the offer was the fact that Twiga had ventured into a Business that was ignored away by traditional investors.’

2 Research

Before undertaking any client work, we make it our responsibility to gather as much information as we can from within and without the client. Reason why we take this seriously is to avoid any assumptions that might interrupt our development phase. This also reduces chances of scope creep. The biggest challenge is always convincing a client why we have to undergo this process.

We are very proud of our craft. Our team boasts of very skilled and experienced personnel.

They include; Project Managers (PM), Designers, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Front end Developers, Back-end System developer etc


3 Develop

We proposed to have a unique and simple look

4 Delight

We engaged 3 Ways to work on signage at our processing centre. As a fast-growing operation having a high rate of employee recruitment, we wanted signage design that would be clear and easy to understand, visually appealing and with an element of fun as well, and they were able to execute this for us.

Caine Wanjau, CEO, Twiga Foods